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    Custom Milled Timber

    Pro Lumber specialise in the sawmilling and supply of NZ species of timber, large dimension timbers such as large posts, beams and slabs.

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    Timber Decking

    Our decking timber comes only from sustainable, eco-friendly sources. We source decking timber from removal of old shelter belts and problem trees. None of our decking timbers are sourced from NZ native forests or overseas rainforests.

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    Timber Slabs

    Pro Lumbers specialise in “hard to get” and specialist one-off timbers. All our timbers are chemical-free, natural and sustainable with correct MAF certification.

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    Timber Flooring

    Timber Flooring from Pro Lumber is only taken from eco-friendly, sustainable sources. We do not take timber from native forests either in New Zealand or from rainforests overseas.

NZ Timber Flooring & Decking

When so many different timbers are available for timber flooring and decking, it can be an overwhelming choice for someone who is building a new home, renovating or extending. We like to make the choice easier by explaining why NZ Timbers is the best timber flooring or decking option available. Sourcing Eco-friendly timber is a big deal for us. Any timber you buy from Pro Lumber has not come from New Zealand native forest or rain forests overseas.

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NZ Timber Flooring

Timber flooring in a kitchen

Natural oils are perfect for timber flooring all through the house and help to preserve the wood

There is a wide range of timber available for flooring. We focus on four types of flooring timbers; Eucalyptus, NZ Natives, Recycled Timbers and Exotic Timber. These timbers come from a variety of places within New Zealand but all our flooring timbers are from sustainable sources such as trees that need to be removed or buildings due for demolition. We take recycle unwanted timber, clean it up, mill and machine it to the size you require for a great-looking, durable timber floor that you can proudly own, knowing that it didn’t come from a rain forest in another country. Read more about timber flooring here.

NZ Timber Decking

Red Beech timber decking

Timber decking can be oiled to protect it from the elements and enhance the natural lustre of the timbers

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of the decks built in New Zealand are using timber sourced from rain forests clear-felled in distant countries at the expense of rare and endangered animals and indigenous people who are being forcibly shifted from their habitats and ancestral lands. All our decking timber is New Zealand grown and from sustainable, Eco-friendly sources such as shelter belts and trees that have become unstable or a danger to the people around them. Some of the best timber for decking is available right here in New Zealand.

NZ Timber Weatherboards

colonial profile timber weatherboards

NZ Timbers specialise in a range of quality timber weatherboards for house cladding. Lawsons Cypress and Macrocarpa are our most common timber weatherboard. Timber weatherboards from NZ Timbers are harvested only from from MAF-certified, eco-friendly, sustainably harvested plantations or forests. If you purchase weatherboard timber from NZ Timbers, you can do so with a clear conscience, knowing that it has not destroyed a natural habitat. Read more about timber weatherboards here.

How much timber from illegal logging reaches New Zealand?

illegal logging stop deforestation

Illegal logging occurs in many tropical countries and some of its products make their way to New Zealand. This affects both the economy and the environment. How can this be combatted?

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How to choose eco-friendly hardwood timbers

american oak engineered timber flooring

Eco-friendly timber can be hard to source, especially when the majority of the world’s timber comes from tropical rainforests. There are ways to find domestically sourced wood that will not damage the Earth.

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How your Hardwood Flooring Destroyed a Habitat

sustainably harvested timber flooring orangutang

Tropical forests support a wide array of species in many countries. Much of this is disappearing due to timber needs of rich countries for uses such as hardwood flooring.

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