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nz timber mills

Eucalyptus logs stacked, ready for milling

At NZ Timbers, we specialise in natural NZ timber. We believe that one of the biggest crimes of nature is seeing a beautiful native New Zealand tree that has become a problem and needs cutting down get turned into nothing but firewood and wood chips. We have based our business around giving these unwanted trees a second life as something beautiful and practical.

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NZ Timbers is a milling operation that creates beautiful bespoke NZ timber products and architectural features out of unwanted or recycled native hardwoods and other NZ grown eucalypts and cypress timbers.

We started as a small, locally run operation, which focused solely on milling and cutting timber products like posts, sleepers and off-cuts for signage. We were a traditional milling operation which fell and cut locally for small private plantings or problem trees, and the timber was generally kept by the client rather than on-sold.

Camden Andrews took over the original Pro Lumber business in mid 2010 and expanded it into a supplier of premium selected native NZ timber and New Zealand grown cypress and eucalypt timbers. NZ Timbers turn these into a range of landscaping and building products, including outdoor decking, flooring, paneling and tongue & groove and V-sarking, as well as other architectural timber features like exposed rafters, beams and posts.

Timber colours vary greatly between varieties. Each tree has its own character and lustre that comes from the unique conditions it experiences as it grows.

Eco-Friendly NZ Timber Mills

salvaged native logs

Salvaged native logs ready for the timber mill

All the trees milled by NZ Timbers are considered problem trees or are trees not purpose-planted for timber. We don’t cut from plantation trees. NZ Timbers mills the trees that people don’t want – old shelter belt trees, trees that have outgrown their practical use and have become a hazard or an obstacle for property access or development that haven’t been cared for. Unfortunately, some of the best character timber ends up as firewood or reduced to wood chips.

Based in subtropical Northland means we offer a wider range of NZ native timber products than many other companies. New Zealand, and especially Northland, is rich with some incredible varieties of native trees and the timber is enduring even under the most extreme conditions. We have salvaged old Puriri logs from creek beds and the timber has come up beautifully.

Much of the trees milled and cut into timber by NZ Timbers are used in architectural homes, or for creating statement entrance ways. More people are looking to incorporate the natural look of New Zealand grown native timber back into their homes, in flooring and interior features and also in landscape design. There is something special about bringing our heritage closer to us, and living with it every day.

NZ Timbers New Zealand grown timber does make a statement, and not just aesthetically. All of the timber products are untreated and eco-friendly.  We don’t use any chemicals, so there are no harmful toxins or carcinogens present in anything we sell. This is reassuring when your kids are crawling around on your new decking or hardwood floors.

NZ Timbers also recycles hardwood timber from old buildings. We discover old Rimu, Kauri, and other sought after NZ native timbers in a building that’s destined for demolition.  We have been involved in salvage operations in Christchurch after the earthquakes, rescuing old timber from the rubble of homes and buildings destroyed in the city’s quake-damaged red zones. We save the timbers and give them a second life somewhere else. Much of it becomes flooring but we try to use every last piece and incorporate it into something.

Our range of products and possible applications for the timber we mill is growing all the time. Macrocarpa flooring and sarking is one of our best sellers, but there are a lot of obscure varieties that people wouldn’t think of that can be cut into boards and panels.

NZ Timbers is dedicated to providing unique NZ timber products to enhance properties, but it’s so much more than that. It is timber re-imagined.