Decking Timber

Red Beech timber decking

Timber decking can be oiled to protect it from the elements and enhance the natural lustre of the timbers.

Our decking timber comes only from MAF-approved, sustainably harvested, eco-friendly plantations or forests. We source decking timber from removal of old shelter belts and problem trees. None of our decking timbers are sourced from NZ native forests or overseas rainforests.

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Buy sustainable New Zealand timbers and you can rest easy that your deck has not been built at the expense of native forests either in New Zealand or overseas.

We offer three options for decking timber; Macrocarpa, Eucalyptus and New Zealand Beech. These woods are naturally resistant to the elements and require no chemical treatment, making them perfect for the family home.

Macrocarpa is suitable for covered decks. For the more exposed outside decks, we recommend Eucalyptus or Beech. They are the most durable of the New Zealand hardwoods and will get a council rating of H3.1 to H3.2 (15 to 25 years life) depending on the type of Eucalypt.

Beech Decking Timber

Beech decking is perfect for wider boards and is the most stable and durable species suitable for decking timber in New Zealand. It is sustainable, natural and has a 25 year lifespan. It will not leech, splinter and has no chemical treatment. Beech has a history of use in New Zealand as floor boards and is perfectly suited to decks as well.

Decking Timber Sizes

We supply standard decking timber sizes from 65x19mm , 90x19mm, 135x19mm and 135x32mm

How to care for your decking timber

red beech decking timberNatural oils offer the best protection from UV sunlight. For the best results, we recommend that you oil the decking timbers prior to laying, again after the deck is built and then lightly water blast. After that, oil annually for the first five years. Natural decking oils are very simple to apply. Simply apply with a brush or rag and leave it to soak in.

Please don’t even consider a foreign hardwood sourced from endangered rainforest when we have the best decking timber available right here in New Zealand from sustainable, eco-friendly, renewable sources. Contact us today to get a free quote for your decking timber.

We supply a range of high quality oils from Natural House Company timber oils. Visit for more information.