Timber Flooring

Recycled timber flooring

Recycled timber flooring can give a new home character

Timber Flooring from Pro Lumber is mainly taken from MAF-certified, eco-friendly, sustainably harvested plantations or forests. You can purchase timber from us with a clear conscience knowing that it has not destroyed a natural habitat. Any timber taken from NZ forests, has been sustainably milled using helicopter logging and meets all MAF requirements. When you buy timbers from us, you buy timber that ticks all the boxes – including price.

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Where is our timber flooring sourced?

Our timber comes from a number of sources. Much of it is from recycled building timbers taken from structures due for demolition. Examples are recycled hardwoods from the buildings damaged in the Christchurch earthquake and timbers salvaged from old bridges that are being replaced. This includes existing original timber flooring that we restore and re-machine to be used again. Other timber comes from forest plantations, river beds, swamps, or from “problem trees” such as old shelter belts and dangerous or unwanted trees that need to be removed.

We offer a wide range of timbers that are suitable for flooring.

Saliigna , Pilularis, Fastigata, NZ White Oak (Mountain Ash)

New Zealand Native Timbers
Kauri , Rimu, Matai, Totora, Tawa, Oregan, Kahikatea, Black Maire, Rewa Rewa , Ancient Kauri, South Island Beech, Taraire

Recycled Timbers
Rimu, Kauri and Matai

Exotic Timbers
Blackwood, Redwood, Poplar, Japanese Cedar, Douglas Fir

Cypress Timbers
Macrocarpa, Leyland Cypress, Lawsons Cypress, Luscitanica

How do I know it’s quality timber flooring?

Timber flooring varies in value according to a number of factors;

The quality of the timber
We only offer top-quality timber flooring from quality recycled timbers or trees milled by experienced saw millers and machinists using the best drying techniques.

The hardness of the timber
The harder the timber, the longer the floor will last and the better it will perform with wear and tear.

The scarcity of the timber
New Zealand native timbers are increasingly hard to find and only account for a small amount of the timbers we source every year.

The process of milling, machining and profiling and transporting the flooring timber to your site is lengthy and involved before your floor is even laid! A good floor using quality timbers will perform well with no movement. Movement caused by unstable timbers is a failing of the milling and drying process. A good timber floor should be hard-wearing and capable of being re-surfaced over time. At Pro Lumber, we have a good range of naturally hard New Zealand timbers.

What type of timber flooring do you supply?

We supply all sizes of timber flooring available from solid wood with narrow or wide profiles to overlay flooring. Solid wood flooring is a thick layer of timber that can be laid directly over floor joists. Overlay is a thin layer that is often used over an existing concrete floor. Overlay is cheaper as it uses less wood but is not as durable as solid timber. Recycled timbers can be machined to match all existing floors, which is very useful when renovating an existing timber floor.

Solid Wood Sizes: 65x19mm, 83x19mm,135x19mm
Overlay wood Sizes: 65X9mm, 83X9mm

Timber flooring in a kitchen

Natural oils are perfect for timber flooring all through the house

What sort of protection does my timber floor need?

We recommend natural oils from Natural House Timber Oils. Natural oils go with natural timbers. They out-perform any of the alternatives and are considerably cheaper. A polyurethane is a common option but this is full of chemicals and is effectively just a plastic layer that turns yellow over time, discolouring your floor timbers.

Timber Flooring from NZ Natural Timbers is high quality timber. Our timbers are not from a rain forest, not engineered and not chemically treated. They are eco-friendly in every respect. NZ Natural Timber’s range of solid NZ Timber Flooring comes in a variety of unique colours. Each piece with their own distinct colours, contrasts and lustre. Contact us today to find out more.